Huayi Pharmaceuticals

Huayi set up as a joint venture between a UK-based generic pharmaceutical company and a Chinese fine chemical supplier.

London & China


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What we did

  • Design
  • Development
  • CMS Integration

A fantastic result in a very short period

We were tasked to complete a comprehensive site design and build in under 4 weeks. We opted for agile working methods to allow for iterative design updates and rapid prototyping. The short turn around time meant that we had to be very much on-point with our design concepts, and the client was very impressed by the outcome.

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Using atomic design principles, and iterative methods we managed to get a fantastic user experience in place for the client. The design had to be clean and very easy to use to encourage maximum interaction.

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Due to the nature of this site, we anticipated a vast amount of mobile traffic, so like most sites we did the design and build with a mobile-first approach. This means that the site is very streamlined and works fantastically well across all mobile devices and browser combinations.

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“We have had a huge increase in site visits and have reduced bounce rates, increased dwell times and managed to bring up conversion rates hugely since launch. A big thank you to Kappow!”

Managing Director


Reduction in bounce rates


Increase in dwell time


Increase in conversions