5 instant ways to increase your conversion rates

1. Slim down those forms

Conversion Rates 101

Have you ever intended to fill out an online form only to be put off by the sheer number of fields?

It’s one of the most effective methods for lowering your conversion rate. Remove any non-essential form fields, leaving only those that are required to achieve your goal.

Of course, don’t go nuts with it – if your sales team doesn’t have all of the information they need to follow up on leads, your signups may be high, but your actual conversion rate will be poor. So strike the correct balance between getting vital lead info and minimising fields. Just make sure that each field is important. If not, get rid of it.

2. Have someone sing your praises

Testimonials are key

As a client, you want to know the product or service you are buying into is trusted. Nobody wants to be a beta tester! Put their mind at ease by showing testimonials, reviews and even company logos on your site.

Consumers are reassured by social proof, which includes testimonials. “If quality social proof buffers notable uncertainty, get ready for some remarkable conversion impact — in some cases up to 400% improvement.” growth marketing specialist Angie Schottmuller stated in an interview with ConversionXL.

Every important page on your website should have testimonials and reviews.

3. Remove the distractions

No distractions

Your landing page should be concise, clear, and above all else it should be simple to use. If it isn’t absolutely necessary, TAKE IT OUT. Stick to what your visitors need. Nothing else.

Nothing is more annoying than a website that pulls you in all directions!

Live chat, social proof, and video are all examples of things that might not be 100% needed, but would be important to take into account on a case by case basis. The point remains: get rid of distractions. Your customers should be focussed on what is important.

4. Make the first step the easiest to take

Have you ever heard of the psychological principle Need to Complete? Well, in a nutshell it tells us that as humans, we have a basic need to try to finish something we start. So if you can get your customer on the first step, the chances of them completing becomes MUCH higher. So when it comes to converting users on your website, that first step has to be very easy.

For example, instead of asking for a huge form to be filled in, why not start with just name and email address? Then you have a lead in your system, and you can use ‘page 2’ of your form to gather more information.

5. A/B test everything

Okay, well maybe not everything. But headlines, calls to action, page layouts etc… can all be tested with an A/B methodology. In short, we create two versions of something and show it to users at random, and we track the conversion rates of each variation.

For a client recently, we managed to use A/B split testing to prove conclusively that a second method of call to action was superior, even though the client didn’t like it as much visually.

By testing different routes, you can quickly adapt and improve your site with strong data at hand.

To sum up

We hope you enjoyed these 5 quick tips to improve your conversion rates. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Kappow on hello@kappow.co.uk