Well, that was a pants idea!

Yep, we don’t mind poking a bit of fun at ourselves. Well, our latest marketing campaign has seen us send out some branded y-fronts to local businesses in the Stamford, Cambridge, Peterborough, Leicester and Nottingham areas.

So, if you get a pair of briefs through the post… yeah, that was us! What do we want? Well, we’re after your briefs in return. And no, we’re not perverts. We mean web design briefs. Written out.

This is the brain child of our technical director, who actually is recycling this idea from his time at University. He used the same ploy to get advertising agencies to send him briefs, so he could create some amazing artwork for them, and get a job. And it worked!

So, we’re applying the same level of creative thinking to our own potential clients.

If you want to know what Kappow can do for you, then please do get in touch. We’re happy to discuss anything from web design and development, to brand creation, marketing, SEO, PPC, and all forms of advertising.

Head over to Briefs4Briefs to see the campaign site in full flow – and if you want some pants, then just ask! We’re happy to send them out.

Other than that, we hope you enjoy our creative little idea. Peace.