Lalani & Co

Lalani and Co are a family run company, founded out of a love for exquisite tea and craft produce.



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What we did

  • Design
  • Development
  • CMS Integration

Jameel Lalani approached us with a big task. The challenge for this e-commerce website was to show the quality of the products, as well as the deep knowledge of tea held within the company. Our KPI was to ensure that site visits were translated into knowledge of the product, brand awareness and conversions to sales.

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The nature of such a wonderful product means that the design had to be spot on, otherwise that quality would be lost. We worked very closely with Jameel and the branding team to ensure the designs were sympathetic to the offline branding, whilst getting the best user experience in place for e-commerce conversion rates.

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E-Commerce sales on touch devices have rocketed in the past few years, meaning that our UX for the mobile site was so very important. We had to allow the users to easily choose products, compare, add to basket and checkout seamlessly, whilst feeling safe and secure in the process.

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The site is built on the ever-popular WooCommerce system, allowing for rapid development into a very bespoke and customised store, with a unique experience for the customer. We have added on things like a custom filtering system for the products, and a very handy ‘where to drink’ module, built from scratch to allow Jameel to update a map, showing any places that server Lalani and Co’s fantastic range of teas.