ROGO Music

Rogo Music is a small, independent music publisher formed by industry experts in Soho, London.



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What we did

  • Design
  • Development
  • CMS Integration

The challenge was making the site visually pleasing whilst also making use of white space.

We were tasked with creating a minimal, yet striking website that appealed to both music publishers, and writers/performers. The brief was simple, the site needs to look fantastic and work in a simple and intuitive fashion. Lots of white, grey and black across the board and visually stunning imagery to bring it to life. We also had to develop a custom writers section, allowing the signed artists to be featured on the site.

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The Design

A range of artists and a breadth of images meant that the design had to be both fun, but encompass the need for a lot of data and content.

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Mobile-first was a must for a site like this. The core users are always on the move, from London to LA on regular trips, so the site needed to be lightning quick on devices wether you’re on 3G, 4G or WiFi and the UX had to make navigation super simple.

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The Result

Delivered on time and on budget, the site did exactly what they asked of it. Prepped for a large launch in New York, the site gained huge traffic on day one, and thanks to great hosting and prepared load-testing, the site held up to the challenge. The writers section has really been hit a lot by users looking to explore the range of artists signed on by Rogo. The client has told us here at Kappow that the site exceeds expectations and is performing wonderfully.